Preparing For Your Headshot

Well hello and thanks for scheduling a headshot session with me! This should be a fun experience to create an image that expresses yourself. A headshot should represent you; a reasonably accurate depiction of what you look like and who you are.

What to expect

Quality studio lighting.
A simple backdrop.
A stool for seated photographs.
A reflector below at about lap height to soften shadows.
A little coaching.
A monitor to display images in near real time.
A short session. We have limited time. The goal is to keep it to 30 minutes or less.
Some editing: a little skin smoothing, a little brightening of your eyes. More retouching is extra.
I get asked occasionally if I can make my subject look thinner etc. This is very time and labor intensive. Good posture makes a world of difference. Also I encourage a positive body image. You are wonderful just the way you are. Believe in yourself.
There’s a restroom nearby to touch up makeup etc.
Your images will be available in a gallery in a day or two.

COVID-19 has changed things. Your health is crucial. (So is mine)

I will be setup from a distance with a telephoto lens.
The lights are remote controlled.
A bare minimum of people will be in the room.
You will have a scheduled time.
There’s an entrance and an exit. Please come in the entrance and leave via the exit.
If you are feeling sick PLEASE stay home.
If you have been around somebody who is sick PLEASE stay home.
While you’re waiting for your session PLEASE wear your mask. No mask, no session, no ifs ands or buts.

How to prepare

Get plenty of rest the night before.
Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol.
Practice sitting tall with good posture. Sit straight, like there is a string pulling the back of your head up. Bring your shoulders back. Imagine you are balancing a book on your head.
Smile! OK, there will be a couple of “serious” ones too, but smile!
Relax, you’re among friends! I think you’ll find that I’m not just friendly; I’m making this experience all about you. That’s what makes it fun and even empowering.
Believe in yourself!