Landscape Photography Community Rules


A friendly inclusive space to view and share original photographs of the world around us. To engage with other photographers and people who simply enjoy landscapes. 

There are lots of individual rules but they serve a purpose. They can be summarized as:

  • Share your own original work
  • Post appropriate content
  • Be nice
  • Share the spotlight

Posting Guidelines: 

Share your own original photographs.

  • What this is
    • You made the photograph yourself
      • In simple English that means you took the picture
  • What this is not
    • This isn’t a group to reshare pretty pictures you found somewhere else. There are thousands of groups for that purpose and the LPC is not one of them.
    • There is occasional confusion between “my photo” and “a photo in my possession”. If you were not the author of the photo please do not share it here. If you are unsure please just ask. The admins are nice people and we don’t bite.

This group is for photographs. Yes, this needed to be spelled out.

  • What that is
    • Still images of a scene or subject
  • What that is not
    • Video or links to video
    • Animated GIFs (yes, even in the comments.)

Share individual photographs

  • That means please do not post albums.
    • We’ve found that people rarely click through albums and individual photographs are viewed while a real gem inside an album may go totally unseen.
  • We’ve also found that people posting albums usually didn’t read the rules.
    • By posting an album you demonstrate that you haven’t read the rules.

Subject matter:

  • We use the term “landscape” broadly. This is the direction the Landscape Photography Community went while on Google Plus and simply put, it was an enjoyable experience for everybody then so why not?
  • Photographs should be a reasonable representation of what you would experience. We encourage some artistic expression.
  • What this is
    • Natural landscapes
    • Macro
    • Wildlife
    • Cityscapes and architecture
  • What this is not
    • Portraits or photographs in which the subject is a person rather than the landscape.
      • That doesn’t mean a photo can’t include people. People in a photograph can provide context and scale. We ask that they are not the obvious subject of the photograph.
    • Household pets
      • Cats, dogs, your goldfish, etc.
      • This includes feral cats
    • Cars, trains, airplanes, bicycles, etc.
    • Note this may be up to moderator discretion. Somebody always finds a corner case.
    • Street Photography
    • Building interiors
    • Your photography services
    • Real estate
      • This isn’t a group for commercial real estate photography.
    • Composite photographs
      • It’s understood that some compositing is necessary to achieve what you would see. For example “HDR” or bracketing to compensate for dynamic range.
      • A photograph with the moon inside the Grand Canyon however is not allowable.
      • Moderators may use their discretion.

Member Behavior

  • Straying from these rules may result in your removal from the group.
    • Be considerate and polite. If you wouldn’t say it to your grandmother then don’t say it here.
    • Respect the moderators.
    • See the rule about posting only your own original content
    • Do not share inappropriate material. This is a guarantee that you’ll be removed from the group.
      • Pornography
      • Spam
      • Conspiracy theories. This has become a nightmare on social media. Just don’t. The moderators will use their own judgement as needed.
        • Got something to say about “chemtrails?”. Not here.
        • Got something to say about a 5g spreading COVID? Not here.
        • Got something to say about government elites or lizard people or space aliens… Not here
    • This is an inclusive and encouraging space.
      • Respect the people who share and comment
    • Post to the group no more often than once per hour.
      • Give someone else a chance. We love to see your photographs but share the spotlight please.
    • Post images as yourself, not as your business or your professional page.
    • Don’t provide a critique unless the original poster asks for one. Please see the section on Critiques.
    • Share
  • This is a public group.
    • Expect your photograph to be shared and re-shared
    • Nobody needs to ask to re-share something from this group.
    • Consider it a compliment that your photo was shared
    • Share with kindness
    • Don’t share the image to promote your own business or event etc. That may be a violation of the author’s copyright. If you want to use a photograph for that purpose please seek out a license from the author.
      • Simply put: ask. The answer just might be “yes”
  • Critiques
    • Use the hashtag #LPC_Critique
    • Respect the feedback of the person providing a critique. Engage accordingly.
    • Essentially you’ve asked for an expert opinion. Somebody, usually a moderator, took time from her busy day to view, analyze, and respond to your photograph. This is a lot of effort.
    • Don’t argue with the person providing critique
    • Don’t defend a particular point
    • Don’t take it personally
    • Ask for clarification if needed
    • engage with the people who took the time to review your photograph.
      • This is a 2-way road.
      • “Thank you” might be a perfectly good response.
    • For the person providing critique
      • Use the “critique sandwich” approach
        • Something you like
        • Something you don’t like
        • Something you think can be improved (be specific)
        • Something you like

Image quality

  • Recommendations
    • We encourage sharing your best work.
    • We all have different skill levels and styles. That’s OK! Do your best.
      • Skill and style change over time. That’s OK! Do your best.
    • Format for display on a personal computer
      • Give people something to explore
        • Consider posting larger than 1080 pixels on the widest edge
  • No screenshots
    • If you made the photograph with your smartphone please share the actual photograph, not a screenshot of the photograph. Sorry, this group does not provide instructions how to export from your photo library.
  • No thumbnails
    • Please post the photograph instead of a link to the the image. A link to an image on your website is often rendered as a small, low quality, and cropped version of the original.
  • Watermarks
    • Consider adding a watermark. Photos shared in this group have a tendency to be reshared so remind people who you are!
    • No large, distracting watermarks
      • Just don’t let the watermark be a major distraction from the subject of the photograph.


  • Do not use the hashtag #LPC_Inspriation .
    • This is reserved for group moderators to share outstanding photographs.
  • Other hashtags will be added over time in lieu of the “categories” we were accustomed to on Google Plus. This is still being defined and the format will go something like this:
    • LPC_landscape
    • LPC_macro
    • LPC_citiscape
    • LPC_wildlife
    • LPC_challenge_

Thank You!

That was a lot to read and we all appreciate that you read it.