Exploring the Canon RP Part Two, or parts shouldn’t be made of cracker

Recently I tried using the Canon RP in a studio setting with off-camera flash. This isn’t that story. During the setup for that session a critical part of the Viltrox lens adapter snapped off. This is that part of the story.

I pulled the camera out of the bag. It nudged the edges of the bag. The lever that allows attachment/detachment of the lens snapped off. It snapped off like it was made from a rice cracker.

Oh that’s cool.

Getting this sucker off of the camera wasn’t hard. It took a little screwdriver to push that pin out of the way. I don’t think I’m asking a lot for it not to break after maybe 4 days of light use.

I found the plastic lever piece in my camera bag.

The problem was easily resolved with a call to Amazon. They offered to replace it free of charge, however I’m still going to contact Viltrox to voice my annoyance.

And we’re off again!

Soooo…. I launched the new blog yesterday. Or did I re-launch a re-named blog. I don’t know. Maybe it’s not that important. I just wanted to get off my butt and get started again. I had a couple of posts ready to go. I had my basic graphics from my old blog. Copy, paste, update this, tweak that, publish.

Then my dear cousin Lyn found something I should have seen… uh… 3 years ago or so. I misspelled “photography” on my header image. I misspelled that damn thing 3 years ago.

Yeah I totally fixed that. 

There’s some good news here. I am not the stuffy, overly technical, “read this because I am an authority on this topic” bullshit. I am silly. I like naughty words. I like a good laugh, usually at my own expense. Occasionally I word poorly.

Thanks Lyn.