True Story…

In November 2019 I called up my buddy Kevin Foster. I said “Bring your ‘Best Hat’ and your ‘Favorite Hat.’ I know they’re different. I have ideas.” Kevin’s kind of a local legend as that dude who showed up when the community needed a hand and decided it was time to change things for the positive. Then he kept on going with it. Funny thing is that once the pandemic hit the Bay Area and Santa Cruz County one of his photographs started getting shared tens of thousands of times. “Viral” might not be the right word yet, but the image plus the text that Kevin added to the photograph conveyed a badly needed message.

“Sometimes you have to sit back… Watch, and Observe… People will show you who they are without you saying a word.”

Kevin Foster

Now funny thing for me is that’s probably the photograph I put the least effort into. I mean there’s almost no editing there. I like to fuss. I like to draw out what I see and spend some serious time with a photograph.

This is actually the photograph that I had in mind. This was the “Best Hat”.

After we went through my ideas Kevin had a surprise. He spends a lot of time rescuing animals and developed a love for birds of prey. He brought this magnificent hawk inside and we ran with it.

As you can imagine some unexpected things happened. Actually when I read that I suppose you could say that we expected some unexpected things to happen… making this next moment expected. I think.

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